Speedy Egg Slicer
Speedy Egg Slicer
Speedy Egg Slicer

Speedy Egg Slicer

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The Speedy Egg  Slicer is the must-have kitchen utensil for any cooking enthusiast. Not only will you want one for yourself, you'll want to give one to your loved ones as well! It's sure to put a smile on anyone's face and it's ideal for people with small children, as it makes eating new foods safe and healthy! 

  • Slices up to 5 times the speed of using a knife!
  • Slices of egg, fruit, mushrooms, soft cheeses and more are evenly consistent with this handy slicer!
  • SHARP: Sharp, stainless steel blades easily slice through eggs, strawberries, kiwi, mushrooms, soft cheese and more
  • EASY CARE: Dishwasher safe

Material: Stainless Steel
weight: 30g
Color: Red, Blue, White
Suitable for: Fruits, Vegetables and Eggs
Item type: Egg Slicer
Size: 10x7.5x2.5 cm

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